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Jessica's Genealogy Research

Making Professional Genealogy Help Affordable for Everyone

Research fees beginning at just $25 per hour with no minimum project fees or deposits. I only require advance payment on each block of research time we have agreed upon.  I can work with every budget to ensure you get the professional research help you are needing. I can work one hour at a time if that is what it takes to meet your budget. Please feel free to email me at to discuss your genealogical goals. Or if you are interested in a research package, please visit the ORDER NOW tab. has sent Cease & Desist letters to the majority of the developers of the third-party DNA tools. does NOT offer any tools that are comparable at this time. There have been workarounds created but it still makes working with Ancestry DNA tests more times consuming. And there is still NO way to work with chromosome mapping for AncestryDNA.

The only "tool" Ancestry offers is Thrulines and Thrulines is only about 20% accurate at best if you don't already know 5 generations of your lineage completely. Ancestry Thrulines is NOT DNA based at all. It only tries to match names in ALL public and shared family trees to those in your own. There is NO scientific background behind Thrulines. Their own website even explains this fact. (click here for info on Ancestry DNA Thrulines @ Thrulines is only accurate if both testers have their family tree 100% complete and correct back 5 generations. Which basically defeats the entire purpose of using the Thrulines. 

******I recommend that EVERY person who has or will test at take advantage of the free options to transfer your Raw DNA file from Ancestry to Gedmatch, Living DNA, Family Tree DNA and My Heritage. Matching is free on the sites, but there is an upgrade fee of about $20 each for full access to the tools on some of these sites. 

Services offered:
General Genealogical research

DNA matching research
Raw DNA transfers

Brick Wall Ancestors

Lineage research

Biological family research

Online family trees/websites

Back up of trees
​Family History Binders/Books

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