Jessica's Genealogy Research

Jessica McManus Paul

 Professional Genealogist

I began doing genealogy research in 2001 and have been researching professionally since 2003.

I have created over 200 family trees for my many clients. Over 75 of which were donated by a client to various genealogical and historical societies across the United States. I am also an officer in the recently founded Boston Tea Party Society. 

Though not certified or accredited, I hold myself to those same standards. a member of the Global Alliance of Genealogy Professionals. I have held a Professional Level membership with the Association of Professional Genealogists in the past and had signed the APG Code of Ethics. But that membership was released after a more than 50% increase in membership fees was instituted in  2014. 

I currently hold an Associate degree from Navarro College and a Bachelor degree from Texas A & M-Commerce in Business Administration. I completed my Master of Science Degree in Management in October 2011 from Kaplan Online University.