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24 Nov 2015
Jessica's Genealogy Service is First Class! Beyond my wildest hopes and without much information to go on, she generated many generations of facts, pictures and information that  was affordably available within days! I appreciate how she had no problem with special requests and happily working within my budget and timeline. Jessica is a pleasure to strategize with and very workable, patient, determined and accurate. Communicating on-line made it easy! Her level of professionalism is mixed with a personal excellence in a way that exceeds just a client-researcher commitment. Jessica's finished products are beautiful! She assembled Gift for various family Trees and the recipients were AMAZED-generations back to Europe were thoroughly documented. Jessica is an "above and beyond" Researcher! Beyond satisfied, I am eternally grateful! Work with Jessica's Genealogical Services-you won't regret it! Well worth the investment! Holding generations of family information is a Treasure you will Value Forever!"-Jackie N.

June 4, 2016

Last Year I was searching for someone who can help me with my research for a family bible I am creating in memory of my father who asked me to complete it for him…………. I found Jessica through her website and she replied back……….. Now I was not with an online tree, and only just purchase MS Office 365 with Word 2013… She guided me because I was making it more difficult on myself than needed….I now have a very large tree online. She guided me to purchase an external hard drive with 1 tear of memory which I did…………If that’s not enough she guided me on syncing my online tree with Tree Maker 2014. She wasn’t done there…. Now she introduced me to a DNA Test that I took and an plug in for tree maker 2014 that will help me write my book.. Currently I am at 1811 at all generations……………………..except Greece of 1839……… My Thanks to Jessica and please follow her advice as she guided me very well. I strongly recommend her. With Great Appreciation, -- A. Pickering, Utica,  N.Y.   13501

Customer testimonials
Thanks for getting on this quickly....
Wow! Thanks for the very quick work....
The files all came through with no problem. I appreciate the excellent work you have done so far. Please just keep looking.
Thank you for all of the updates... You of course were right, my grandfather's name was Willis not William as I had told you... Yes, please keep checking things out.
Thank you very much with all of your research... Yes, there is a lot of information to digest...And that was also interesting about Richard Trevithick... It has also been one of those family myth's that we were related to him in some way.. I always dismissed it because of the spelling
difference... So my curiosity is peaked...
G. Kirkwood, California

PS: Thanks so much for the picture. I don't have any pictures of him and he died before I was born, so this is the first time I've seen what he looks like. Thanks, that was quick. I can see how that census mixup would have confused things. Can't wait to see what you found on Gypsy. Thanks
again!  I just checked out what you sent and this looks like some really great stuff. I never knew about some of Murray's siblings, so it looks like I might have some great great aunts and uncles I never knew about. I don't really have a preference on how many hours per week you spend. There's no urgency here, so just go at your own pace. I'm really pleased with what you found so far.
J. Stoops

It looks like you hit the mother lode! This is great stuff. I've been reading for a few hours and am not done yet. Thank you Thank you Thank you
G. Chacona

You sure have helped me alot, keep up the good work. I tried for several months got no where, helps if you know what you are doing.
D. Hess, Missouri

I could see why you were happy to find the marriage records. You have made my day. Tell me, when you send me 208 pages why do you think its not a lot? I am thrilled with it. Thanks for all your hard work. Keep up the good work.
E. Winkler, Arizona